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We are Thrive

Thrive Collective creates hope and opportunity through arts, sports, and mentoring in and around public schools. Our core programs – Murals, Music, Media, Mentors, and Sports – connect artists, youth workers, and volunteers with local schools as teaching artists, art directors, coaches, and mentors.  In New York City, we have connected more than 120 community partners to 150 public schools since 2011, and our core programs have directly served 15,000 students at 100 public schools since 2014. 

Thrive Collective
CREATEs Hope & Opportunity

Through Arts, Sports & Mentoring in and around Public Schools

What We Do

Project based learning and accredited curriculum integrate life, sports, and art skills. In 2019, Thrive directly served 3,000 students in forty schools, producing a dozen student films and 43 school and community murals totaling over 13,000 sq. ft. of public art; produced and hosted five art festivals citywide on behalf of the NYC Council and Manhattan District Attorney; as well as more than fifty ribbon cutting events, recitals, film festivals, sports clinics and tournaments, and school assemblies. In 2020 during the COVID-19 quarantine, we adapted our programs for online learning and served 3,000 students and 45 schools with our Kindness Beats the Virus campaign and related "Tools for Schools." Since 2011, more than 15,000 students and 3,000 volunteers have completed 165 school and community mural projects totaling 75,000 sq. ft. of public art. 
School Murals provides experiences that create a platform for students to cultivate a shared vision and develop the life skills to bring that vision to life collaboratively with others.
School Music provides music teacher residencies that blend performance-based theory and appreciation and culminates in age-appropriate recitals showcasing student achievement.
Media empowers students to capture and tell great stories being lived in communities and schools every day by introducing the basics of film making, social media, and photography.
Mentors provides purposeful adults for life and vocational mentoring that cultivates character and life skills, educational options, and professional relationships and networks.

Art Back 

Eradicate Artless Education

Bring Art Back is about Justice.

We can't imagine a world without visual or performing arts, music or film, or any expression at all -- and neither can you. Yet our cities sentence millions of our most vulnerable students to that kind of artless education everyday.