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Get to know Coach Lawrence Coles

New York City Coordinator

Lawrence “Emissary” Coles III, is a gifted speaker, producer, host and is the founder of SPEEK LYFE Movement Inc. Lawrence has produced multiple programs and events for Churches, Schools, community groups and production companies.

 Lawrence seeks to use the creative arts as a tool to push youth to find their voice and their unique gifting. “Growing up in the inner city, there weren’t a ton of opportunities to express yourself artistically. The schools I attended didn’t have great art or music programs. So my goal has been to create programs that allow young people to experience the gift of creativity through the mediums of music, art and video.”

Lawrence and Thrive Collective have been collaborating on arts-based school partnerships since "I Am ... Now" at Jamaica High School and IS 8 in 2011-12.

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January 17
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Case Study: RHYME at PS 105

In January 2022, Thrive Collective's R.H.Y.M.E hip hop program partnered with Speek Lyfe Movement and Projectivity Group to bring a multi-media program to PS/MS 105 The Bay School in Far Rockaway, Queens. A group of Teaching Artists and Guest Speakers, led by Lawrence Coles, III and Paul Coles, worked as Artists-In-Residence to engage with students to produce music, media, and graphics with three different classes.

The result was three classes each producing their own professionally recorded and engineered song, designing cover art for the song, and creating a music video for the song. Students also received T-shirts with their album covers on it, along with R.H.Y.M.E. Program Certificates of Completion.

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