Get to know De'Morea "Truck" Evans.

Oakland City Coordinator

De'Morea "Truck" Evans is a son of Oakland, California, where he was born and has lived his whole life. His mother raised him in a single parent home on the tough streets of city's Westside.

Truck has said that if he could use one word to describe his life, it would be, “Protected.” His mother did all she could to shelter him from his environment. As a teenager he found himself involved in street activity and fighting. His mother's passing in 2005 turned his life around.

Today, Truck is an artist and social entrepreneur in the same Lower Bottom neighborhood where he grew up. His company "Truckie Customs" includes a barbershop, custom bicycle builds, and artist commissions. He is the founder of Mama Jean's Pantry and the Rollout Crew community bike club; serves as assistant pastor of Word Assembly church; and teaches art classes with students from his alma mater Prescott School.  

Truck describes his life mission as building relationships, creating opportunities, and growing communities so that we can be the change we desire to see. His varied interests converge in the singular goal of helping youth embrace their gifts and open their eyes to possibilities and potential through creativity.

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Case Study: Hope Oakland

In Spring 2019, Thrive Collective and Clorox partnered with UrbanLife Mentors to renovate and launch the Hope Oakland Youth and Family Center in the Lower Bottoms neighborhood of West Oakland. Collaborators also included Lamorinda Construction, muralist Camer1, and dozens of volunteers, who transformed the space  directly across the street from [School Name]. More.

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