Mission & Vision

Hope and Opportunity in all Public Schools

The Mission

School Partners USA creates hope and opportunity by equipping leaders to catalyze local school partnerships that improve educational and life outcomes for students. Our goal, simply stated, is for all  students and schools to thrive, without exception or condition. We are an initiative of Thrive Collective, a NY-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The Vision

Where We are Going

We partner with public schools to make a real difference in student lives. The kind of difference that actually improves educational and life outcomes.  Resourcing schools as authentic, trusted partners is a means to that fundamental, transformational end. Our goal, simply stated, is students and schools that thrive — without exception or condition.
In 2021, School Partners USA launched to celebrate and accelerate school partnerships that improve educational and life outcomes for disadvantaged students. By 2025, we will share best practices, training, and curriculum with leaders and school districts nationwide, and support local school partnerships and arts education networks in those cities.

Our Non-Negotiables

Core Values

These core values help guide our mission, vision, and strategic priorities. They also provide a standard to evaluate impacts and the world we are creating.


empowers students to see beyond circumstances to live great stories.


equips students to work together to develop a shared vision and bring it to life.


rights the wrongs that impede students from living life to its fullest.


exposes students to possibilities and cultivates skills and character for thriving.


motivates students to do the best they can with what they have so it grows into more.


demonstrates strategic, significant, sustainable change in how we live and work.

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