Jun 15, 2020

Video by Eric. Mason / Mason Jar Productions
Mural design by Marissa Molina with Romero Britto Sponsored by Nickelodeon, NYC Council Member Carlina Rivera, NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

From October 2019 - February 2020, before COVID-19, students from PS/MS 188 in the Lower East Side designed and painted the "Islanders Dive Deeper" mural, then wrote a song, choreographed dance, and produced a music video about the experience called "Reach High."



I can be anything that I decide / every limitation I will defy /coming from The Lower East Side /deep dive / reach high / and touch the sky

Verse one

[Emily Lyric]
One day walking through the park
I sang this melody coming from my heart
From the Island where I’m from (DR)
To the island where we are (New York)

[Monique Lyric]
Some say that I’m a girl who has anger issues
I say that I am a girl who has great potential
Some people like to laugh and act disrespectful
But no matter what they say I know I’m just as special

Verse two

[Logan Lyric]
I am confident
Because of my accomplishments /
Everyday I gotta stay positive
I’ve got plenty bars /
Like a candy store
And the flow is more
Deep than the ocean flow

[Precious Lyric]
I’m the happiest girl in the universe
Because I did a good thing nobody knew at first /
I helped another person / who was hurt
And now I know love is what me and you deserve